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Who Is RISE?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

This summer, I had the exciting opportunity to work alongside Co-Founders Julia and Samantha as an Event Planning Intern at RISE Event Planning. For my opening blog post, I will provide a closer look at the behind the scenes of the brand, answering the question “Who is RISE?”

Who are the faces behind the RISE brand?

Co-Founders of RISE Event Planning, Julia and Samantha, are not only business partners, but long time best friends. Julia and Samantha met back in the ninth grade, and have been part of the same friend group ever since. They both have always had a creative side, but focused on different areas of study including Public Relations and Human Resources. Julia, growing up with entrepreneurial parents, and Samantha's parents' having strong leadership skills throughout their careers, inspired them to start their own business. Once Julia and Samantha graduated from their respective universities, they decided to put their love for design, aesthetics, culinary arts, and bringing people together into action. As they were both interested in event planning, they decided to join forces and have not looked back since.

How was RISE started?

In 2019, Julia and Samantha entered an entrepreneurship contest which supported individuals or teams on their startup journey. The girls won the contest and were granted startup money and mentorship resources to get their business going. This was their sign that they were on the right path - RISE was meant to be! I like to call it divine timing. Wylie Ford, the creator of the contest, acted as an amazing role model and support system for the RISE Co-Founders in their early years of business.

Who are RISE's mentors?

Starting an event planning company was not easy, and Julia and Samantha could not have done it without the help of their mentors. Rich and Phalan Groff at Stroke Growth Coaching have been a staple in guiding Julia and Samantha through the start-up process and building effective business practices. They have helped the girls grow their skills, learn the ins-and-outs of running a successful business, and have also taught them how to be strong leaders. There have been many other influential mentors in the industry that have also acted as a great source of inspiration for RISE. Julia and Samantha are beyond grateful for their families who have provided support whenever needed, including deliveries, storage, and through guidance. Now a team of four, the RISE team continues to grow. Selena has joined as an Event Coordinator, along with myself (Ashley) who has joined as an Event Intern.

How did RISE navigate the Pandemic?

RISE was founded in 2018, and as a result had to face the challenges of the pandemic very early in the business' development. Although these were not ideal circumstances for an event planning company, RISE was able to pivot in a way that allowed them to continue growing their company. After putting their entrepreneurial minds together, they came up with the perfect solution, RISE At Home. RISE At Home, specializes in luxury picnic and tablescape rentals which provides clients with an easy way to plan unique and elevated at-home events. These rentals include place settings, custom wooden tables, cozy pillows, beautiful florals, and more! At a time when going out to restaurants and events was not possible, RISE's products allowed clients to enjoy a beautiful tablescapes with their close friends and family, while still social distancing outdoors. This year, RISE has expanded their luxury picnic rentals with additional themes, ideal for events such as birthdays, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and proposals.

Where does RISE get creative inspiration from?

Although both founders have varying academic backgrounds and experiences, they complement each other perfectly. Julia interests lie in entertainment and music, where Samantha’s lie in food, beverage and fashion. The interests of both Co-Founders come together with their passions for aesthetics and bringing people together. The pair seek inspiration and admire the work of event planners such as Keren Percel, Sinclair and Moore Events, and Mindy Weiss. Aside from event planners, RISE also seeks inspiration in travel and culture, interior design, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

What is the Focus of the RISE Brand?

Since individuality is an essential component of the RISE brand, Julia and Samantha like to create events that are as meaningful to their clients as possible, pulling inspiration from their personal memories and interests. RISE recently planned a Miami themed 50th Birthday for their client whose favourite vacation spot is Miami. RISE transported their guests to the "305" by transforming the entire house and stimulating all of their senses through the decor, food, entertainment, florals, and scents. Aside from creating beautiful set-ups, RISE’s main priority is ensuring that clients walk away with a seamless, unforgettable experience.

What are RISE’s dream events?

Julia dreams of planning Kris Jenner's annual Christmas Party in Calabasas, California due it's extravagance and immense creative opportunities. Samantha aspires to plan a formal event at the Palace of Versailles in France as she loves the historical charm of the French Baroque architecture. With different takes on their dream event, the Co-Founders believe these different perspectives and personal styles are what makes them compatible as business partners and keeps the RISE brand so unique!

What's Next?

RISE puts an emphasis on implementing manifestation and gratitude into their business practice. When I asked Julia and Samantha about a quote they live by, they shared “Show Me How Good It Gets”. RISE Event Planning strives to continue growing by doing what they love most - creating beautiful and memorable events for their clients. Co-Founders Julia and Samantha express their appreciation for each individual that has supported RISE Event Planning and looks forward to working with returning and new clients!

The RISE team looks forward to upcoming events for the rest of 2022 with most COVID-19 restrictions lifted, and welcomes you to reach out if you are interested in planning an event!

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